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At Summer Breeze we promote and educate people on the benefits of responsible tanning.  There are many benefits, other than a beautiful tan, that can be obtained through responsible tanning.  Some of these include increased production of Vitamin D, a known cancer inhibitor.  Indoor tanning also helps the body regulate the hormones serotonin and melatonin, which aid in healthy sleep cycles.  Getting exposure to UV rays can also help alleviate the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Exposure to UV rays increases serotonin, a hormone that makes people feel happy, and brings the melatonin under control. 

Beds And Equipment
Ergoline Tanning Bed

12 Minutes

650 Ergoline Tanning Bed
12 Minutes
600 Ergoline Tanning Bed
15 Minutes
300 Ergoline Tanning Bed
15 Minutes
250 Ergoline Tanning Bed

Sun Dash Tanning Bed

20 Minutes

232 Sun Dash Tanning Bed
Versa Pro

Versa Pro
1 Minute
7-10 days

Versa Pro

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Serene Spaces

Enjoy your visit at Summer Breeze, check out our massage and day spa, Serene Spaces also located in Washington C.H.


Get more than a Tan, Get Happy!

While looking at the following keep the answers to these questions in mind.

Who makes money when people are not afraid to be exposed to the sun?


Do you think companies that sell sunscreens have a desire for people to sue more of them? Sunscreen companies are enjoying record profits right now. For instance:

  • $9 billion pharmaceutical giant Schering-Plough (Coppertone) reported sun-care related sales of $204 million in 2005, up 16 percent from 2004 and up 40 percent from 2003, making the division one of Schering-Plough’s best performers by percentage growth.
  • $50 billion Johnson & Johnson’s consumer product unit – which markets sun care products like Neutrogena and Aveeno, is one of the pharmaceutical giant’s most profitable divisions, with increased sales of $2.36 billion in the first quarter of 2006 alone. Neutrogena’s marketing uses some of the most aggressive sun-scare tactics of any sunscreen company.

Most women’s cosmetics today include sunscreen in their products – marketing usage and need of the product based on over-hyping fear of the sun. Because of this, most women wear sunscreen 365 days a year in any climate – even when sunburn isn’t a possibility – because the American Academy of Dermatology and sunscreen manufacturers have scared them into over-use of sunscreen. “Sun scare” – teaching total fear of the sun instead of sunburn prevention – is a huge multibillion-dollar business run by even larger multibillion-dollar cosmeceutical corporations. 

If the sun alone caused skin cancer then warm weather southern climates would have increased cases of skin cancer right?


It would stand to reason a person living in Florida would be exposed more to the sun than someone living in say, Montana. Floridians would have more warm weather days and spend more time outdoors, wearing less clothing, than there friends in Montana. However, nationally from state to state the rate of skin cancers is about the same.
This is because of the damage to skin associated with the sun and while tanning is from burning, not tanning. Tanning is a natural body function designed to protect you from the sun. It is when we out due its limits that trouble occurs.

This is why you here about all this sun damage being created when people are younger, under 20 or so. Why is that? The older you get the more you realize burning physically hurts each and every time it happens. Therefore when you are outside you remember to use sunscreens and limit your time in the sun. Conversely, when you were a child, or you see it in your own kids, when you are outside swimming or playing at the ocean you are so involved in the fun you are having you do not think to stop and put on sunscreen. Not many youngsters will voluntarily come in for a day at the pool or beach to put on sunscreen or take a break. So you burn more as a kid you do more damage as a kid makes sense doesn’t it.

So what is a person to do?

An estimated 30 million North Americans turn to tanning salons as a controlled alternative to outdoor tanning. As we become increasingly aware of the benefits associated with regular exposure to sunlight and of the importance of managing the risks that can be associated with sunburn and overexposure, more people are turning to indoor tanning facilities to help attain their tans in a controlled environment scientifically designed to minimize the risk of sunburn.

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